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Kegelcisor Kegel Exerciser. The Original. Pure Stainless Steel. 7 Inches Long
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Kegelcisor 1 4-1/8" L Kegel Exerciser - Stainless Steel

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Kegelcisor Kegel Exerciser. The Original. Pure Stainless Steel. 7 Inches Long

Item Description

Item Description

As seen on TV on Oprah and Sex in the City.
As featured in Cosmopolitan Redbook and Prevention Magazines.

The Kegelcisor is an ingenious FDA-approved patented design (US Patent D465852). It works with a woman’s body to help regain a more youthful healthy pelvic region when used as directed for just 8 to 10 minutes every other day for three months.

The Kegelcisor weighs 25 grams and is made of surgical stainless steel that measures 6
7/8 in. long and 1 1/8 in. at its widest point. It is a series of computer-calibrated spheres and cylinders designed to maximize the results of the exercises as recommended by women’s health expert Dr. Arnold Kegel.

The Kegelcisor is simple to use. It works on a temperature basis. Having been stored at a room temperature of 70 degrees as it enters the body it automatically causes constriction of the PC muscle taking all of the guesswork out of the exercises. It is hypoallergenic.

Kegelcisor is the #1 pelvic muscle exerciser product for 25 years for healing bladder and incontinence issues without drugs or surgery. Used and recommended by doctors now available without prescription.


This kegel exerciser works with NO drugs or surgery. The all natural stainless steel Kegelcisor assists in performing kegel exercises without worry of mistakes. Pelvic organ prolapse birthing and sexual response also benefit from increased PC muscle strength from use of the Kegelcisor as directed. The patented FDA-approved Kegelcisor has been the most successful medical device of its kind and trusted by women for over 25 years.

Now available without prescription!

·         Natural Bladder Control

·         You can heal yourself without drugs or surgery

·         Save Money - Green the Planet

·         Better Birthing

·         Secret Bonus: BETTER SEX

10 Year Warranty on materials and workmanship!
90 Day Money Back Guarantee from UnbeatableSale!
Always Same Day shipping!

Myth: There’s nothing that can be done about incontinence.
Fact: There’s a lot that can be done. In the majority of cases continence can be restored or improved with behavioral techniques devices drugs or surgery.

Myth: Incontinence is a normal consequence of aging.
Fact: Incontinence is never normal at any age according to Neil Resnick M.D. chief of gerontology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston. Age-related changes in the lower urinary tract may make older people more likely to experience incontinence but for most older people even the very old and frail incontinence can be treated successfully.

Myth: The only successful treatment is surgery.
Fact: The majority of patients can be helped with other treatments.

Myth: Incontinence is inevitable for women who have given birth.
Fact: Giving birth can injure or weaken the pelvic region but that doesn’t mean incontinence is inevitable. Exercises often help.

Myth: A little leakage occurs sometimes such as during a sneeze or cough it’s no big deal. It’s not worth telling the doctor about.
Fact: If urinary leakage is troubling at all it’s worth mentioning to the doctor. People can learn to manage the problem or be free of it altogether. Incontinence is the major reason we institutionalize our senior citizens.

Additional Facts And Information:

Natural Bladder Control
Now without drugs (which have side effects) or herbs (which may only work for a short time) you can find relief from leaky bladder and incontinence issues or aid in your own health before
and after childbirth. No surgery is required to strengthen your PC muscle! The Kegelcisor can
do that naturally in as little as 12 weeks.

Urinary Stress Incontinence: Seepage of urine under stress laughter coughing sneezing
bending stretching and lifting.
Urge Incontinence: Overly frequent urination.
Nocturnal: Frequent urination during the night.
Enuresis: Accidental bed wetting.

Save Money - Green the Planet
The use of the patented Kegelcisor for Urinary Stress Incontinence saves you money and can eliminate the use of adult diapers and daily pads.

Better Birthing
: Exercises prior to conception and during pregnancy lessen birth trauma. (up to eight
Birthing: Strong PC muscles make for easier delivery with less damage to pelvic muscles and
surrounding tissue.
Episiotomy: Cut widen vaginal opening during delivery. Healthy muscles reduce need for
Postpartum Tone: Kegelcisor restores tone and strength of pelvic floor encourages rapid recovery and helps restore size of vaginal canal without surgery.

Preparing For Childbirth
: Using the Kegelcisor prior to conception and during your pregnancy (up to eighth months) will strengthen your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle making for an easier delivery with less damage to the pelvic muscles and surrounding tissue.

Episiotomies are no longer necessary. Recent medical findings as of 2006 indicate that stretching and possible tearing is most beneficial to the patient and that episiotomies are detrimental and should not be used.

After Giving Birth: Using the Kegelcisor after giving birth helps restore tone and strength of the pelvic floor encouraging rapid recovery and helps restore the size of the vaginal canal without surgery. As a result postpartum recovery time may be cut in half. The need for costly vaginal rejuvenation surgery may also be eliminated.

Infertility: Using the Kegelcisor can aid in conception. Exercising your PC muscle with the Kegelcisor helps increase circulation in your pelvic region which may aid in conception.

The Kegelcisor does one thing only…
The Kegelcisor Strengthens the Pubococcygeus or PC Muscle!

Health Benefits

The following are common problems and conditions prevented improved and eliminated by using the  Kegelcisor and having healthy PC muscles:

1. Urinary Stress Incontinence: Seepage of urine under stress laughter coughing sneezing bending stretching and lifting.
2. Urge Incontinence: Over frequent urination.
3. Nocturnal: Frequent urination during the night.
4. Enuresis: Wetting the bed.

Conditions previously treated by surgery or drugs
Prolapse of the Uterus: Womb falling into the cervix or protruding outside.
Rectocele: Bulges in the birth canal from the rectum.
Cyctocele: Bladder protrudes into the vagina.
Urethrocele: Urethra bulges into the vagina(swelling).

Proper use of the Kegelcisor may eliminate the need for bladder tuck surgery. There are over two
hundred and fifty thousand possibly unnecessary bladder tuck surgeries every year.

Areas of Possible Improvement

Chronic Vaginitis: Persistent vaginal itching irritation and discharge.
2. Chronic Cystitis: Persistent irritation of the urinary tract and bladder.
3. Painful Menstruation: Cramps pelvic pain.
4. Chronic back pain: Heavy aching generalized pain in the lower spine.
5. Constipation: Lack of tone in lower intestines difficulty in elimination.
6. Weakness of Abdominal Muscles: Bulging stomach back pain.

Identifying the PC Muscle
To describe the PC muscles accurately we should include the whole group of muscles which make up the PC muscle stretching from the base of the spine around the anus to the front of the pubis and around the vaginal opening. A healthy PC muscle is taut like a very flexible rubber band yet not stretched so tightly as to be in strain.

The easiest way to isolate the PC muscle is while urinating. The ability to shut off the flow of urine is caused by the PC muscle. You can practice locating the PC muscle by stopping the flow of urine while urinating then allowing it to continue again. In this way the PC muscle can be isolated from the rest of the muscles surrounding it in the vaginal area. The Kegelcisor automatically isolates the PC muscle eliminating all guesswork as to whether the exercise is being done properly.
Please note that it is very important not to warm the Kegelcisor before using. It should be stored at a room temperature of approximately70ºF so that the proper exercising technique is maintained when in use.
For best results in warm climates you may have to rinse the Kegelcisor in cool water for several
minutes before use. When inserted at 70ºF into the body (which is 98ºF) the automatic constriction of the PC muscle occurs starting the correct clenching exercise.

Even minimal use of the Kegelcisor will enhance your PC muscle strength!

Because you are exercising the major love muscle of the body you will increase your pleasure!

Sexual Problems
Lack of Pleasure: (lack of pleasure in intercourse difficulty in attaining climax): Irritability reduced quality of life lack of sleep emotional upset difficulty in locating the Grafenberg Spot (G spot).
2. Vaginismus: Male Organ unable to penetrate Female Organ due mostly to clamping of the vagina.
3. Painful Intercourse: Penile entry painful thrusting hurts
4. Diaphragm Uncomfortable: Discomfort in the diaphragm is experienced during intercourse
(Kegelcisor reduces size of diaphragm used).
5. Poor Vaginal Lubrication: Insufficient blood flow.
6. Lower Back Pain: Diminishes as muscles strengthen and remove weight from the back area.
7. Vaginal Anesthesia: Lack of sensation.

Sexual Health
Vaginal enhancement leads to better sex.
You can’t have GREAT SEX if the major love muscle in the body is weak! For over 25 years the patented Kegelcisor has been used successfully to strengthen the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. US Patent D 465852.

The Kegelcisor is a healthcare product designed to heal seepage of urine and restore bladder control while strengthening the same muscle that creates great lovemaking.

1. Climax is easier and more frequent.
2. Vaginal embrace is tighter.
3. G-spot is readily accessible.
4. Greater pleasure and pelvic health.
5. Ends bladder embarrassment.
6. Improves vaginal lubrication increases blood flow.

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